Daily Journal Honors Mira Hashmall on the 2018 List of Top Women Lawyers

Daily Journal Honors Mira Hashmall on the 2018 List of Top Women Lawyers

The May 2, 2018 issue of the Daily Journal honored Mira Hashmall in the 2018 list of Top Women Lawyers.  The article praised Mira for a $2.5 million jury verdict that she won for her client who was retaliated against for    reporting gender discrimination against the University of California, Riverside.  Ms. Hashmall also won $1.5 million in attorneys fees for this case.

Mira also represents the County of Los Angeles in a multitude of matters and is honored to work alongside such a strong team of women.  According to Mira, “The County’s Board of Supervisors now has a majority of women members.  Sachi Hamai is the County’s Chief Executive Officer. Mary Wickham is the County Counsel.  I am thrilled to represent them.”

Mira is also currently representing the City of Inglewood in a lawsuit that seeks to halt the development of a new state-of-the-art Clippers arena, which will be great for the City of Inglewood and will create thousands of new jobs.  Her legal team is working hand in hand with Mayor Butts and the City to fight back and ensure that nothing stands in the way of Inglewood’s ability to help its residents grow and prosper.

“I went into the practice of law because of cases like this that can make a difference and improve the quality of people’s lives.  I am proud to be working on this ground-breaking case.”                      — Mira Hashmall

The Daily Journal article quoted Ms. Hashmall on her firm’s diversity initiatives. “Miller Barondess has strong diversity initiatives to hire and train women and minority attorneys.  We are inspired by the County.  We believe a diverse legal team brings creativity and unique perspectives to solving our clients’ complex legal problems.”